Novitas Continues Tradition of eLearning Excellence at University of Limerick

 Wed, 21st Feb, 2024

For the 7th consecutive year Novitas delivers eLearning Design Skills workshop to University of Limerick students enrolled in the Masters in Technical Writing and eLearning.

For the seventh consecutive year, Novitas is proud to deliver its highly acclaimed workshop in eLearning Design Skills to students enrolled in the Masters in Technical Writing and eLearning at the University of Limerick. This annual event underscores Novitas’ commitment to fostering innovation and expertise in the field of digital learning.

The workshop, which includes an introduction to the Articulate Storyline tool, is a key component of the successful Novitas eLearning design skills course. It consistently receives positive feedback from both students and lecturers, highlighting its practical value and industry relevance.

Ann Marcus-Quinn Associate Professor Technical Communication and Instructional Design stated “The Novitas workshop is a much-anticipated feature of the MA in Technical Communication and eLearning at UL. It offers students a practical insight into eLearning design and development, and the opportunity to familiarise themselves with Articulate Storyline. We greatly appreciate this industry collaboration with Novitas.”

Eric Plunkett, CEO of Novitas, expressed his enthusiasm for the ongoing partnership: “The University of Limerick, renowned for its strong ties to business and industry, is one of Ireland’s most innovative and successful universities. We are honoured to be invited to run this workshop for students enrolled in its Masters programme in 2024.”

About Novitas
Established in 2012, Novitas specialises in providing flexible, tailored, and cost-effective training solutions for transformation projects worldwide. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to enhancing workforce literacy and driving long-term, meaningful learning outcomes.

At Novitas, we design and develop innovative eLearning experiences as part of our bespoke service. Our custom-built eLearning projects are designed to ensure the success of our clients and meet the learning needs of their teams. For more information, please contact us directly at Novitas.

About UL
The University of Limerick (UL), established in 1972, is an internationally focused institution with over 18,000 students. Known for its innovation in education and research excellence, UL offers a wide range of programmes, including the Masters in Technical Writing and eLearning.

This programme equips graduates with skills to design and develop multimedia content and technology-enhanced learning solutions, meeting the growing demand for such expertise globally. UL’s strong ties to industry and commitment to practical learning make it a leading choice for students worldwide.