1 Day Course

​Discover the key skills that can set you apart as a professional trainer. Improve your training techniques and increase your confidence when delivering training courses.


Up to 6 participants

Onsite Delivery

Participants will learn the best practice approach to prepare for and to deliver an effective and engaging training course to groups. Participants will have the opportunity to practice using a short presentation, or training topic of their choice and receive feedback in a safe environment.


Attendees will leave our course with: a clear checklist to help prepare for IT training courses, a clear understanding of the role of the trainer in the classroom, a list of trainer skills required to deliver professional and effective training including how to manage mixed skills, different learner styles and attitudes in the classroom.

​​List the key skills of a trainer

- What are the characteristics of a good trainer?


Understanding your audience

- How people learn

- Dealing with groups of mixed skills, abilities and attitudes


Planning & Preparation

- Deciding on your course content & format

- Specific challenges to IT training

- Environment & visual aids

- Create a checklist


Training Delivery

- Managing the audience

- Getting started / dealing with nerves

- Delivery style


​Skills Practice

- Deliver a 10-minute training topic

- Learn through feedback

- Create a personal improvement plan

Training Overview

The ERP Train the Trainer course is designed to improve your training techniques and increase your confidence when delivering training courses.

This comprehensive training will enable you to successfully deliver training courses to the highest standard.

What You Gain

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