Why Digital Learning?

Because your workforce expects it. Digital learning is not the future, it is the now. Digital learning enables organisations to:

  • Promote a consistently high level of standardised knowledge throughout the organisation.

  • Enhance productivity by empowering employees to access training as and when they need it.

  • Bring efficiency to the training process by increasing the choice and volume of learning content available.

  • Reduce overall training costs – less time spent on travel, printing, and classroom sessions.


We develop bespoke learning content. Using existing content documentation, or in some cases where no existing content exists, we have the training and design experience to produce bespoke interactive e-learning materials tailored to the organisational needs.


Our content provides an engaging, immersive learning environment that guides users through key learning objectives in a compelling way. Our content includes activities that challenge users through decision making, consequences and feedback. This is where the most effective learning occurs. They contain realistic scenarios, narrative stories and a multitude of interactions to ensure compliance and inspire behavioural change.


Novitas creates learning content tailored to ever-changing learning environments. We can deliver content to desktop browsers, tablets and smartphones, allowing learners access content in the office, travelling or working remotely. This creates greater opportunities for learner engagement.

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