Why Digital Learning?

Because your workforce expects it.

Digital learning is not the future, it is the now.

“We worked with Novitas on a package to introduce our new performance and development process, as they had previously delivered a high quality solution elsewhere in the organisation. The team were great to work with - very professional, patient and committed to exceeding expectations and delivering on time. We’re very happy with the final product - a visually stimulating, interactive and informative e-learning package. It goes without saying we’d work with Novitas again, and would recommend them to others too.”

Tim Ford

Head of Talent Management 

McKesson Europe

(Fortune 500)

Our custom built e-learning allows our clients deliver engaging, meaningful and motivational learning experiences across their organisations. We provide:

  1. Standalone online modules

  2. System simulations

  3. Multi-device publishing

  4. Micro-learning

  5. Video demonstrations

  6. Assessment and evaluation

  7. LMS integration

We have delivered e-learning modules for:

  • Induction & Onboarding

  • Compliance

  • Document Management systems

  • Artwork systems

  • ERP systems

  • Supply Chain processes

  • Health & Safety


We develop bespoke learning content using existing content documentation, or in some cases where no existing content exists. We have the training and design experience to produce bespoke interactive e-learning materials tailored to the organisational needs.

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