Articulate Storyline 360 Workshop

Building a team to develop e-learning content internally but not sure where to start? Talk to us about our Articulate Storyline 360 workshop and let our team of experienced digital learning trainers assist.


Up to 6 participants

Virtual Delivery

Objective: This programme, consisting of six 2-hour virtual workshops and delivered, over a three-week period, will provide your team with the skills necessary to develop interactive and engaging e-learning content for a local or global audience.


During the programme, our virtual trainers will assist each participant re-purpose a piece of static training content into fully immersive and interactive e-learning.

The course was really informative and definitely something I look forward to applying in my role as a training co-ordinator

Aimee Brennan. Training Co-ordinator. Uniphar PLC.

Workshop 1:​​ Introduction to e-learning and Storyline 360

  • e-Learning fundamentals

  • Creating basic content

Workshop 2: Creating Complex Slides

  • Creating Complex Slides

Workshop 3: Advanced Features 1

  • Screen Recording Simulations

  • Customising Characters

  • Using Text Variables

Workshop 4: Advanced Features 2

  • Using True/False Variables

  • Creating more complex menu systems

Workshop 5: Quizzing and Assessments

  • Create Standard Quiz Questions

  • Create Freeform Quiz Questions

  • Create Question Banks

  • Create Results Slides

Workshop 6: Publishing Content

  • Customise Templates

  • Publish Content

  • Finalise Project

Training Overview

Articulate Storyline 360 is the tool of choice for both new and experienced learning professionals.

Whether you’re just starting to use Articulate Storyline 360 or you’re looking to advance your existing skills, our workshop will show you and your team what you need to know to build effective digital learning solutions.

What You Gain

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